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If you want to collect a sum of splendid images, you have to wander a lot. But Enisala Safari Village offers you a rare opportunity to take incredible pictures from a single point. I know… hard to believe, but check this pics below. All were made from our terrace.

Our Farm

Meals that indulges you are prepared from natural products, harvested from our farm. This is a particular aspect of our concern for your comfort.

Village accommodation

Rooms with all facilities, AC and central heating. Prices: 55 eur (plus 9% VAT for accomodation)/day/pers/ three meals included * Casa Lavanda: 1 single; 6 doubles; 2 triples * Casa Atticum: 3 single; 2 doubles; 2 apartamentes;

Mystic blue

Borrowed from the depths of sky, this mystic blue hardly can be seen elsewhere than in Enisala.


When you can visit Enisala Safari Village? All the time, except winter, when the weather is a bit harsh. From early spring to autumn late, the full splendor of landscapes awaits for you.

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